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Twelve brief walkthrough presentations about using QuickFill and email, ODBC and a variety of helpful time and labor saving tips.


Users praise QuickFill:

  • Easy. Prompts, drop-down menus, and preformatted reports guide users at every level, from data entry to publisher.
  • Sophisticated. QuickFill gives marketers extensive data and analytical power to design and test strategies.
  • Flexible. Flexible set-up and reporting let publishers run their businesses as they choose.

Partial Customer List

  • BLR
  • Kim Mesecher, Vice President – Customer Operations
    (615) 373-7517 x8140
  • CR Foundation
  • Jennifer Bushman, Executive Business Director
    (801) 226-2121 x4212
  • EH Publishing
  • Faith Marcello, Director of Audience Development
    (508) 663-1500 x290
  • HMP Communications, LLC
  • Bill Malriat, Audience Development Manager
    (800) 237-7285 x350
  • Modern Dog, Inc.
  • Lauren Cheal, Audience Development Director
    (604) 734-3131
  • Tiger Oak Media
  • Jeremy Wieland, Circulation Director
    (612) 548-3868
  • Westfair Communications
  • Silvia Sikoutris, Circulation Manager/Office Manager
    (914) 694-3600 x3020