Options for running updates

After you have filled out the filter screen for an update other than one of the 'Purge' updates (click here for the options for running purge updates), click on "OK," and the screen below will appear:

(For a description of the options shown in the picture below, click on each option.)




On multiuser systems it is recommended that updates be run as part of a job list. When you select 'Run it now exclusively', only the user on the workstation running the update can be in the database. In addition, that workstation cannot have any other QuickFill screens open while the update is running. When you select 'Run it now shared' the workstation running the update as well as other workstations are permitted to continue to enter transactions, which implies that QuickFill must lock each subscription before it updates it. To view the IDs of stations that are currently running QuickFill in the normal mode, go to the "About QuickFill" screen. When you run an update as part of a job list, the other stations are required to switch to 'Lookup-only' mode, which allows QuickFill to run the update at the maximum possible speed without having to lock anything. Regardless of what type of QuickFill system you have, you can never run more than one type of update at a time (i.e., you cannot run a billing update while a renewal notice update is running).