Sample simple bill

If you select 'Billing' under 'Definitions' on the main menu, and then select 'Packages', you'll see the 'Bill format' field. If you leave this field set to 'Simple', QuickFill will produce bills in the format shown below for any billing effort that uses this package. The layout of the fields on the page can be customized using the Form Designer.

The standard simple bills are intended to be printed on forms that you can order through the CWC Forms Fulfillment Center. (Click here for ordering information.) The preprinted areas of the form are the blue areas and the boxes surrounding the date and the order number. The rest of the form is blank, although you can have your company logo pre-printed if you wish.

If you click on any of the text areas on the sample bill you will see an explanation of how QuickFill knows what to print and where to print it. This information can prove helpful if you want to "customize" these bills. When we use the word customize here we're suggesting that you may want to suppress entries on some lines of the standard bills or alter others to suit your own needs. The information in this section helps you do so. If you want to add text, logos or reposition parts of the bill then you should use the QuickFill Form Designer.

Order acknowledgements

Standard form order acknowledgements created by the Order Acknowledgements Report and the Replacement acknowledgement transaction use almost the same format as shown below. The difference is that the amount due is always zero and there are two lines added which describe how and when the order was paid. Also the credit card block and the "check payable to" line are omitted.