Cancel reasons

A cancel reason code is a one- or two-character code that can be used to denote the reason a customer requested cancellation of a subscription. Once you define at least one cancel reason, you will be required to enter a cancel reason whenever you use the 'Cancel' transaction.

You can request that QuickFill select subscriptions by cancel reason code when producing promotional labels, running 'Subscription statistics' report, or running a subscription export. In addition, cancel reasons are also reports in the 'Adds and drops by issue' report.

Defining cancel reasons

When you select 'Cancel Reasons' under 'Definitions' on the main menu, you'll see one of two screens. If you select 'Cancel Reasons' for the first time after installing QuickFill, you'll see a screen with a blank form for defining the cancel reason code.

If you've already defined some cancel reasons, you'll see a list of the cancel reason codes that you've defined in the upper portion of the screen and the "New," "Change," "Replicate," and "Delete" options running along the bottom.

If you haven't yet defined any cancel reasons, fill in the blank form and click on "OK" to save your changes.

You can define another cancel reason code by clicking on "New," filling in the fields described below, and then clicking on "OK." If the cancel reason code you want to define next is similar to one you've already defined, you can replicate the existing cancel reason code by moving the cursor to the service code you want to replicate and clicking on "Replicate."

Cancel reason code

Enter a code to identify the cancel reason—for example, you might use ED for "Dislikes editorials."


Enter a brief description of the cancel reason—"Dislikes editorials" for example. This description along with the service code will be displayed on the cancel reason selection list that appears on some of the screens when you right click in the 'Cancel reason' field. QuickFill also uses the code and description to identify the cancel reason on your reports.


You can also change the definition of a cancel reason code by moving the cursor to the cancel reason code you want to change and double clicking on it, or clicking on "Change."

You can delete a cancel reason code that is not being used by moving the cursor on the code you want to delete and clicking on "Delete."