You use the 'Preferences' screen to specify options that apply to all of your publications. For example, it is here that you choose how you want to display dates.

The system preferences definition is divided into five tabs. To see more information on the tabs that make up the system preferences definition, click on each tab listed below.

The 'General' tab contains information such as the home country, date format, directories for storing reports, etc.

The 'Lookup' tab contains settings that control the sort sequence of customers on the Lookup screen, and for color coding customers on the Lookup screen.

The 'Batch reports' tab contains batch report information such as whether or not batch reports should be automatically printed when batches is closed, etc.

The 'Label counts' tab contains fields for specifying the type of label counts (by state, by sectional center, etc.) that should be included in update and label reports. In addition, this tab provides the ability to specify whether or not all upper-case letters should be used for addresses on labels and/or bills and renewal notices.

The 'Mail merge' tab contains format options for mail-merge bills, renewal notices, and promotions.