Preferences (batch reports tab)

This tab contains system preference information that affects batch reports.

Company name for batch reports

This is the name QuickFill prints on all batch reports for all publications. If you have different company names for different publications, decide which one you want to use for your reports. Right click to select a company from a list of companies you have defined.

Print batch reports when batch is closed

QuickFill always generates batch reports when you finish entering a batch of new orders, payments, renewals, or prospects. The batch report lists the payments you received. It also includes an optional section that details the accounting effects of each transaction you entered, and for new order batches it includes an optional section listing the customer names and addresses (click here for details on batch reports).

In this field, you choose whether you want to print the batch report as soon as you close the batch. QuickFill leaves this field blank by default, which means QuickFill creates a batch report file but doesn't print it immediately. So you can wait until the end of the day to print your batch reports or print them on another computer.

You can print the batch reports by selecting 'Print…' under 'Reports' on the main menu (click here for details on 'Print saved reports').

If you check this field, QuickFill will print the report immediately after you post a batch. If you are going to check this field, you should have a printer available from the computer on which your are running QuickFill. If you don't have a printer available and you check this field, you'll get an error message when QuickFill tries to print the report.

Include transaction log in batch reports

In this field, you choose whether or not you want to include the accounting section in the batch report. This section contains a detailed record of the amounts debited and credited to each account. It provides the audit trail you need to substantiate the entries you made in your general ledger. Leave this field blank, if you want QuickFill to produce only the payments section of the batch reports. Otherwise, make sure this field is checked.

We recommend you print this section of the report, at least until you feel comfortable with the accounting data QuickFill provides (click here for details on batch reports and for an overview of accounting in QuickFill).

Include customer list in new order batch reports

Here you choose whether you want to include the list of customer names in the reports for new order batches. This list can be a useful audit trail, especially if you ever need to reenter some batches. If you want to include a customer list in new order batch reports, check this field. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Include payment report in batch reports

If you want to include a list of all payments in each batch report, check this field. Otherwise, leave this field blank. This list is useful when creating the deposit record for the bank.


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