Preferences (label counts tab)

This tab contains system preference information that affects the address labels produced by QuickFill.

Include counts by ...

Whenever QuickFill prints labels (either issue labels or promotional labels), bills, or renewals it also generates a report that shows the number of labels, bills, or renewals produced, broken down by U.S. state, by sectional center (for labels only), by Canadian province, or by foreign country. Choose which breakdowns you want QuickFill to produce by checking your selection(s). If you leave all four fields blank, QuickFill will only print a single summary page that shows the number of U.S., Canadian, and foreign labels, bills, or renewals.

Use upper case only for addresses on...

When you enter names and addresses into QuickFill it is best to use upper- and lower-case. The addresses will look better that way if you use them in form letters. However, the Postal Service prefers that the addresses on the issue labels, bills, and renewal notices be all upper-case. Check these two fields and QuickFill will convert the addresses to upper-case when it prints the labels, bills, and renewal notices. Leave these fields blank and QuickFill will print addresses exactly the way you entered them.


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