Merging definition codes

After you have been using QuickFill for some time you may find that you have defined a large number of tracking codes, prospect lists, and marketing plans, none of which are in use any more. You are no longer interested in the report data listed under these codes, and they are cluttering up the lists displayed when you click on the right mouse button. When you try to delete the old codes you find that QuickFill won't let you because these codes are still referenced by subscriptions and orders that are in the database.

Although you cannot delete these code definitions, you can consolidate all of them under a single code like "09OLD". That way you still have some idea of the origin of those subscriptions and orders, although the exact identity and meaning of the original code is lost.

Say you have several tracking codes that were used for a promotion that was mailed in 2009. All of these tracking codes begin with "09AB" (09AB01, 09AB02, etc.). You wish to consolidate all of these codes under the code "09AB". Here is how to do it:

Select 'Tracking codes' from the 'Definitions' menu and double click on the first of the codes to be consolidated—let's say it is named "09AB01". (You may also click on the code once and then click on "Change.") Once the definition for the code is displayed, type the new code (09AB) in the tracking code field and click on "OK." QuickFill will then scan the database and update any subscriptions that are linked to 09AB01 and change them to 09AB. When the update is complete double click on the next code to be consolidated (say 09AB02). Type 09AB" in the tracking code field again and click on "OK." This time QuickFill will ask you the following question:




Respond 'Yes' and QuickFill will again scan the database, updating subscriptions that are linked to 09AB02 and changing them to 09AB. Repeat this for each of the remaining codes that are to be consolidated.

When merging codes with dissimilar definitions it is important to understand which definition will be retained. The code definition that you select and change is lost. The code definition that you merge it with is kept.

This procedure for consolidating code definitions works for the following definitions:


Billing packages


Billing series

Renewal efforts

Channels (see note below)

Renewal packages

Foreign countries

Renewal series

Marketing lists

Subscription agencies

Marketing packages

Tracking codes

Marketing plans

Salesperson (see note below)


Merging Channel and Salesperson codes

When you merge Channels or Salesperson codes the definition records will get merged but the data in the order and subscription records will not be changed.  This unusual treatment is to ensure that you do not inadvertently loose information that may be required for your commission reporting.  (Channels are treated this way because prior to the release of Build 1000 the channel field was used by many QuickFill users for tracking sales commissions.)


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