How to combine two subscriptions

Note: There are many different conditions that may exist. We will deal with the most common one here. If you need help with more complicated situations, please contact CWC Software, Inc.

In order to merge subscription A into subscription B follow the steps below:

If the order uses a "by days" renewal series and the first renewal notice has already been sent, then QuickFill will send out the next notice when the specified number of days since the last notice has passed. You can adjust the 'Date of last notice' and 'Last notice number' fields on the 'Billing & Renewal' tab of the 'Adjust order' transaction. To restart the renewal series, remove the values in these fields.

If the order uses a "by issue" renewal series, QuickFill will send out a renewal notice based on the issues remaining and no adjustment is necessary.

The 'Duplicate subscriptions' report (located under 'Reports', 'Customer lists') provides a list of customers who have more than one subscription to the same publication.