Change Billing Series

The 'Change billing series' update lets you switch a group of orders from one billing series to another. Why would you want to? You might want to test a new billing series against the one you've been using. Or you might want to set up a series for a special group of subscribers, such as short-term trials or very-long-term subscribers.

Unlike the 'Change renewal series' update, this update will change the billing series for the billing order forward, instead of the most recent order only. (If a subscription does not have a billing order, the update changes the billing series for the most recent order even though it does not have an amount due.) Click here for more information on order types.

To run the update, select 'Billing series' from the 'Change series' submenu of the 'Updates' menu and fill in the fields on the "Change Billing Series" filter. (Your entries in this filter tell QuickFill which publication and which series you want to change. They also pinpoint for QuickFill which subscribers you want to change.)

The filter for the 'Change Billing Series' update is divided into two tabs (General and Customer), but you can see only one tab at a time. Use the Ctrl+RightArrow and Ctrl+LeftArrow keys or your mouse to move from one tab to another. Depending on the criteria you would like to use to move orders from one billing series to another, you may or may not need to enter information on all four of the "Change Billing Series" tabs.

The 'Customer' tab contains fields for specifying random numbers, country codes, and postal codes for the customers associated with the orders for which you want to change billing series.

The 'General' tab contains all of the other fields for specifying which orders the change should be applied to.